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We have selected the best  Spy Software  on the market. The software  is user-friendly and easy to install on the  target MAC. You will receive all logs and data to your email address or FTP account.
You will buy a 1 (one) device LIFETIME license from us.

To  install  the  software  you will  need  to have  physical  access  to  the  target MAC  for about 10-20 minutes!
You MUST also know system Admin password of MAC to authorize installation process!

Main Features

Keystrokes Logger

Capture all keystrokes typed by the target. Keystroke logs can show you what target typed in emails, files, documents, chat sessions, websites visited, etc.

Keystrokes Alert

Software will notify you by email when specific phrases or words are typed by the target.

Password Protected

The software's control panel is hidden and can be accessed only by password by the manager (you). Only you can start/stop it, modify settings, uninstall it, etc.

Act 100% hiddenly

The software runs TOTALLY stealth! It will NOT show up in the 'Force Quit' manager nor in 'Activity Monitor', 'Finder', etc.

Screenshots capture

Get screenshots of all activities performed by the target. Set periodical screen capture to see what target sees.

Internet monitor

Get informed about all sites (URL) visited, all contents typed in online forms, etc. This works on all browsers (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, etc.).

  Apps monitor

Get informed about all things typed inside each App, such as texts, users, passwords, messages, etc.

play & pause
Idle Timeout

The software will stop logging screenshots when the user is inactive for a specified amount of time; when the target will be active again, screenshots capture resumes automatically.

VoIP Apps Monitor

Don't worry about it! If the target uses a VoIP App to chat (such as Skype, Viber, Voxox, Facetime, Line, Hangouts, Gizmo, iChat, SightSpeed, Mikogo, Zoiper, ooVoo, etc.) you will also get typed texts inside all this Apps' chats sessions.

Emails Monitor

Regardless to the email client used by the target, you will receive all things typed inside emails body and object. You will know to which address they'll be sent, and you will also have the text of drafts emails!

Social Monitor

Applications like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Myspace, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. , won't be a problem. With this software you'll know all things typed (account settings, passwords, users, chats sessions, etc.) and you'll also get screenshots of activities performed (photos upload, photo viewed, etc.)

Chat Apps monitor

Monitoring Apps activity and keystrokes typed, the software will log also all things typed inside any chat session, about  ALL kind of chat Apps (Facebook messenger, Fire, Wechat, Messenger, Adium, Messages, Trillian, Yahoo messenger, AIM, Proteus, etc.).


The software could be instructed to delete logs and screenshots locally stored on target's machine each time they have been delivered to you, to avoid detention/suspicion..

Antivirus Invisible

The software is totally undetectable to any kind of antivirus program.

virtual machines
Virtual Machines monitor

Log keystrokes and screenshots in virtual machine like Parallel Desktop, VMware, Fusion, etc.

Log/Data Delivery

All logs, data and screenshots captured are silently sent to you by email only (OS X 10.6x and above) or by email/FTP in accordance with customer's choice (OS X 10.4x and above), according to purchased product.

The Best MAC Spy Software ever!

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The full list of available features

These are all the features of the software:

- Logs all keystrokes typed;
- Logs all chat Apps sessions;
- Logs all VoIP Apps keystrokes;
- Logs Viber, Skype, Hangouts keystrokes;
- Logs Facebook, Twitter, Google+ keystrokes;
- Logs all socials keystrokes;
- Logs notes, calendar, reminders keystrokes;
- Logs out emails, draft emails keystrokes;
- Programmed screenshots of activities;
- Logs all URL visited;
- Logs all online forms keystrokes;
- Capture Apps users & passwords;
- Capture Emails accounts' pws & users.


- 12 months free software updates;
- Totally stealth mode;
- Specific Words typed alerts;
- Specific Phrases typed alerts;
- Save target's machine memory;
- Password protected control panel;
- Data delivery by email and/or FTP.

The price for the software (logs delivery by email only) is € 119,00 .
Get your software with complete instructions for a quick installation on target device.
But IT Now!

The software is compatible with all Mac devices with OS X 10.6x or later. One device LIFETIME license.
You need 6MB hard disk space to install and correctly run it.

The price for the software (logs delivery by email and/or FTP) is € 179,00 .
Get your software with complete instructions for a quick installation on target device. But IT Now!

The software gives to the client the possibility to chose between email delivery and FTP delivery of logs and data. Client can switch the desired delivery method at any time (physical accessing target MAC).
The software is compatible with all Mac devices with OS X 10.4x or greater. One device LIFETIME license.

Tips / Additional Options

stealth email
Fake email address

plus symbol

VPN connection
Bear in mind that through Target's internet traffic (regardless over Wi-Fi or LAN) Authorities can match your email address (the one to whom the software sends logs and data).
Anyone can open/create an "anonymous" email account (such as a Gmail account) simply given fake data at creation time; but remember that all email providers store your IP address at subscription time and every time you connect to your account (regardless through browsers or any email clients). So, you'll never be really anonymous! Even if your email account is in the name of an inexistent person, Authorities can find you through your IP address (given to Them by the email provider)!

Even if you choose a provider that advertises a "stealth"/"anonymous" email service... are you really sure that it will never disclose your data to any Authorities?

The ONLY solution in this event is to use a VPN connection to connect to your fake email account!
To know more about VPN connections please follow this link.

Online you can find a wide range of offers for VPN. We have (obviously) our trusted VPN Partner, checked by us for reliability of its services.
Its services are free for lifetime (in-App purchases for advanced features); through its MAC/ Windows/ Linux/ iOS/ Android App you will be always in power to check really anonymously your inbox!

Our Team constantly check  for the best solutions over Internet to always offer to our clients the best possible products... so our searching time has a cost that must be covered in some way.
For this reason we ask you for a little contribution of € 10,00 to provide you with the link to this trusted service. We hope you understand...

Secure FTP account

plus symbol

VPN connection

plus symbol

Hosting Plan
Anonymous Hosting Plan
As alternative to data email delivery you can opt for FTP delivery. This is the best solution to protect your privacy!
On the one hand, the software silently upload logs and data to your online web space; this upload leaves some traces that can be followed by Authorities... so They can trace to which "domain" data have been sent; on the other hand, you connect yourself to your web space through an FTP client... that works like an email client... and this means that you leave a trace of your IP.
If you don't use any precaution, in practice it works and leaves the same traces as per email messages and email check...

In fact, the prime difference is that you OWN your web space; of course your hosting provider logs your IP, but if you use a secure connection (VPN), it can't know it at all.
Additionally, if you buy/rent a web space (hosting plan) parked with a precise hosting provider, you'll get it 100% anonymously.

An anonymous hosting plus a VPN connection will assure your identity protected during FTP connections!
So, to perform this identity protection chain, you'll need three things:

1) An FTP client to install on your computer. The best MAC FTP client is Cyberduck, and we recommend it. It's open source, free, light, easy to install and it has user-friendly interface. The best Windows FTP client is Filezilla, and we recommend it. It's open source, free, light, easy to install and it has user friendly interface. No tips for Linux, sorry... we don't treat it at all;

2) A VPN connection. You can choose it yourself through a wide range of online offers, or trust our Partner (see above for contribution);

3) An Anonymous Hosting Plan.

If you need this anonymous Hosting space (1GB, with a 5GB monthly bandwidth) we can provide it to you. We'll get it for you and set up it. As soon as it will be ready, we'll provide you with access credentials to configure FTP client.
You'll simply have to insert your FTP address inside the dedicate "delivery field" in spy software control panel to istantly and simply configure the FTP delivery of logs and data captured on target device. After this, set Cyberduck/Filezilla to point to your hosting address and you will be ready to spy!

Get 1GB anonymous hosting space right now for € 39,00  (12 months subscription).
Hosting renewal could be done for free by yourself, or by paying the same amount (€ 39,00/year) to us if you prefer to go on to take advantage of our privacy hat.